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My name is Thomas WhiteTom White pic at FL nature park. and this is a short story about my entrance into the world of skincare and my ever-evolving passion to provide a natural alternative to the major brands filled with undesirable chemicals and little benefits.

It all started in early 2000 after accepting an opportunity to provide a major brand of sunscreen and sun care products at closeout prices. Most of my customers were tourists looking to get maximum benefit from the Florida sun while they were there. I was just beginning to learn the benefits of quality skincare products and there many uses. In this case, to enhance tanning, protect the skin from burning, recover faster after sunburn and nourish/revitalize the skin after general exposures to the sun.

As my interest grew I began looking at labels of not just products I was selling but many others as well. One of the things I quickly learned was that the ingredients they used to provide the main benefits that the product was marketed for was provided in a very minimal amount. At the same time the ingredients which provide negative health effects or nothing more than fillers and cosmetic effects were included at considerably higher amounts. The reason for this is of course; longer shelf life and cheaper ingredients = higher profits for big corporations.

I couldn’t help but feel that people would appreciate a simpler more natural product. One that focused more on the benefits that were originally intended and left out many of the unnecessary chemicals. So, I began selling 100% pure raw African Shea Butter as my 1st product. As my research evolved, so did my product line. I developed original formulations of skincare products revolving around Shea Butter being common in most of them. I also developed a 1st class topical pain reliever (Eucalyptus blend liniment) in 3 different forms (oil blend, creamy liniment and salve).

Womens expo York, PA 2005 pic

Women expo York, PA 2005

Working flea markets and craft shows for 9 years.  I learned a lot and helped many people escape the trap of over chemical possessed skincare products and experience a multitude of natural skincare benefits. In 2009, due to unforeseen events I gave up the natural skincare business and went back to the 9 – 5 job life.

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Since then my passion has been renewed and more focused. When you buy skin or personal care products you should be able to trust and feel confident that not only will you be getting the maximum benefit you are promised but that it is safe with no negative side effects. I intend to consistently achieve this by formulating products with the absolute best ingredients the nature offers.

I will be continuing to add the latest information on natural skin and personal care as well as how you can benefit. Feel free to explore the website to learn more and shop to try some natural products today. If you sign up for your newsletter you will receive a coupon code for 25% off your next purchase on this site. You will also be kept up on our latest news and exclusive offerings as well as were to find us in person. So, sign up today.

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